The Lyminge Parish Archive

The Society’s Remit

The Society was originally set up as fully independent sister organisation of the Lyminge Association in 1971.

Our remit is to undertake research on the history of the parish and its environs and inhabitants, thereby recording, disseminating and publishing the history of Lyminge.

Few, if any, realised in 1971 the technological advances that would enable us to place this information before the feet of the world. We have embraced the technology and will hopefully in the future take full advantage of its benefits, avoiding where possible foreseeable pitfalls.

Repository & Digitisation

We are fortunate that we have a permanently housed archive repository within the parish. However, it is not always convenient or possible to access the files and books when they are needed by researchers. So, we are embarking on an ambitious project of cataloguing some of the files. Click here to access the Catalogue.

As and when we receive orders for copies of our files it is our intention to scan those for which we have permission or ownership thus digitising the item(s).

We will then put the results up on to this website so that other researchers will have access to copies all the time.

Within the archives are a substantial number of photographs. Most of these come through either donation from residents in the area or from members of the Society.

to see some of our photographs click here

Archives online

Archives that have been digitised can be accessed through the Catalogue or when technically possible via the search function which can be found at the top of each main page.

When a photograph has been loaded it will be of a reduced resolution to help cater for display times and slow Internet connections.

If you find a file or picture of which you would like a copy, please contact us to see if we can accommodate your request.

Acquisition Policy

We are always looking for further items to add to the repository and thus improve the amount of historic material preserved for the future.

The Society has adopted a policy of general acceptance of files, photographs, maps etc. that relate directly to the parish.

We will also accept items that whilst they are not directly related to Lyminge have a connection to the area or are of specific interest to the Society.

Acceptance into the archive normally requires the original owners to at least place the items on permanent loan or preferably assign ownership to us or if more appropriate to the Parish Council or one of our sister groups within the parish.

However, if the owners of an item wish to retain the original we are very happy to adopt copies, photographs of the item or digitally scanned copies.

Sometimes we are unable to take in items. This could be for a number of reasons, for example lack of space within the repository, the physical state of the item, ownership or rights disputes etc.. So, we reserve the right to refuse acceptance.