Lyminge a History Part 6


Published in November 2014

Being the sixth volume in the series. In this volume we introduce a coloured fold out illustrating the content of chapters 23 and 24. We also include coloured images from the other chapters on the inner cover pages and the back cover.



Chapter 23 – Thomas Hill’s Map of Lyminge, 1685

This finely decorated and most beautiful map of the village, more specifically, of the land belonging to Timothy Bedingfield, is a fantastic example of a seventeenth-century estate map. Dr. Alex Kent has analyses the map and fully research the content. The results of his formidable research are written up here in a concise and intriguing manner as he uses the map to bring to life the village as it was in the 17th century.

Chapter 24 – Elham Union Workhouse

The first of a two articles on the Elham Valley Union Workhouse that appear in the Lyminge a History series, (see also volume eight). In this chapter Duncan Harrington lays out a brief history of the ancient poor law system leading up to the formation of the Union Workhouses and then moves swiftly on to describe the creation of the local Elham Valley Union Workhouse which was built in Etchinghill.

Chapter 25 – Beatrice Coates

Rosemary Piddock one of our most productive local history researchers and noted speaker investigates an unusual grave headstone from the Lyminge Graveyard. Dating from 1937 the tale includes the crash of the Capricornus flying boat in the Beaujolais Mountains in France. Miss Coates from Lyminge was a lone passenger on the flight survived the crash but was so badly hurt she succumbed to her injuries and died a few days later. Subsequently the French police in searching the crash site came across a cache of gold bullion.

Chapter 26 – Elham Valley Nailbourne

This chapter is a joint effort by Andrew Coleman and Duncan Harrington researching the source and composition of our local water source. The chapter describes the rising of the bourne at the site of Ethelburga’s Well head and its passage along the valley to join with the Great Stour at Plucks Gutter near West Stourmouth.

Chapter 27 – Longage Farm Gates

Duncan adds to his tally of articles as he investigates the fate of a set of gates that once spanned Longage Hill. One story was that they and came of worse when in collision with a Canadian Army Truck during the Second World War.

Chapter 28 – Childhood Recollections of Lyminge

Mrs Margaret Gillmore has provided us with some recollections from her childhood in Lyminge during the Second World War and over the subsequent years painting a picture of life in Lyminge including the filming of a scene from Kenneth More’s film “Raising a Riot” from 1955.

Chapter 29 – Who Did You Sleep with Last Night?

Chapter 30 – The Earliest Parish Registers

Chapter 31 – Anglo-Saxon Lyminge: Excavations in 2013

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