Lyminge a History Part 1


Published in May 2011


Being the first volume in the series the introduction explains the raison d’état behind the series and lays out our ambitions.

For a synopsis, see the description below.



Chapter 1 – Memories of Shops etc. in Lyminge during 1930-1940’s

The chapter consists of edited transcripts of interviews between the author, Alistair Bailey, and some of the residents; all of whom were or are long term residents. As it unfolds the reader is taken on a tour of Lyminge. The chapter is fully illustrated with contemporary photographs.

Chapter 2 – Geological History – a Lyminge perspective

Written by Andrew Coleman a professional geologist and also resident of Lyminge. The chapter describes the geological development of the area in an epic journey from the depths of time to the present day. If you thought chalk is just chalk then you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Chapter 3 – A Review of Previously Published Works by Rosemary Piddock.

Rosemary has produced for our edification and entertainment a synopsis of the major printed works in which Lyminge looms large. Illustrations abound as she extracts comments and tales from these volumes.

Chapter 4 – The Price Family, Lyminge Parish Church incumbents 1776-1853; by Duncan Harrington.

Covering three generations of the priests incumbents of the parish church St. Mary & St. Ethelburga. Forget Trollope, here is the real thing albeit writ small in a parish but none the less the reader is given a spotlight into the world of eighteenth and nineteenth century clergy.

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