Lyminge a history Part 12




This volume is dedicated to Canon Robert Charles Jenkins, Rector of Lyminge from 1854 to 1896, who contributed so much to raising our awareness of the archaeological potential of Anglo-Saxon Lyminge, and to making the Parish Church the striking building that it is today.

Chapter 90: Queen Ethelburga’s Church: Rob Baldwin

This chapter summarises the results of the re-excavation in 2019 of the 7th Century church discovered in the churchyard in 1859 by Canon Jenkins, and the role of the Pathways to the Past project in making this excavation possible.

Chapter 91: Rhodes Minnis Gold: Rosemary Piddock

The strange story of how an elderly man drawing parish relief left a hoard of gold coins hidden in his house when he died in 1908.

Chapter 92: Lyminge Parish Church: Rob Baldwin

A gallery of photographs showing how the parish church has changed significantly over the past 130 years.

Chapter 93: Midland Bank: Chris Sessions

A personal recollection of working in the branches of the Midland Bank in both Lyminge and Elham in the 1960s.

Chapter 94: Little Rhode Farm: Rosemary Piddock (with contributions by Daphne Andrews)

Recollections of growing up on a small holding in Rhodes Minnis in the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

Chapter 95: Railway Fraud: Rosemary Piddock

The story of how plausible fraudster Edward Callow steered a course through the bankruptcy courts, became Company Secretary of the first Elham Valley Railway Company and stole most of its funds, and then emerged as a best-selling author after a period in Dartmoor Prison.

Chapter 96: Canon Jenkins: Rob Baldwin

An account of Canon Jenkins’ family, starting with his 17th Century ancestors in Germany, examining the influences on his life, his place in 19th Century society and the worldwide travels of his children, the last of whom died after the end of the Second World War.

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