Lyminge a History Part 3


Published in April 2013

Preface and Dedication–being the third volume in the series.
Chapter 9 -Battle of Britain 1940 through the eyes of Bob Bailey
Seen through the eyes of an Acrise farmer and taken from his war time diary, Bob Bailey takes us through the war describing the problems of the land, the rationing system, the preparation against the expected German Invasion, the follow up preparations of the Allied Army before their invasion and the camaraderie of the British people during the perils of war .
Chapter 10 – Hitler’s Invasion Plans
As a follow up to the previous chapter Ron Stilwell has generously provided us with an extract from his forthcoming book The Defence of Thanet and East Kent (1939-1945) covering the German’s plans for Operation Sealion the invasion of Britain, the British preparations to meet the invasion and he has added a synopsis of a war game by British and German commanders in 1974 to determine the most probable outcome. Ron’s book was published in 2014 and is available from the author via
Chapter 11 – Bob Webb’s War
Bob Webb was born in Lyminge and still lives here leading an active life. He has help us previously in describing the shops in the parish in Part one of the histories. This chapter deals with the period from when he went to war in 1942 to his return home in 1945. His wartime army service took him to Egypt, the invasion of Italy in 1943 at Salerno, and then again at Anzio on to Monte Cassino and thence up the coast of the Adriatic to the Gothic Line in 1944 and on to Trieste and lake Garda at the close of the war. During his service Bob was wounded twice.
Chapter 12 – Bombs, bed bugs and bullets
Anna Rosa Auten, the youngest daughter of Giacomo and Georgina Bersini. She was born in Milan in 1929 and was therefore 15 years old in 1944 when she and her sister started their trek north through Italy following in the wake of her brother who was still serving in the Italian divisions attached to the retreating German forces. Anna biographical account follows this young bewildered girl during the final two years of the war and acts as a counter weight to Bob Webb’s account. After the war Anna came to England married and lived in Etchinghill working at the geriatric hospital until its closure.
Chapter 13 – Ted Burren’s War Time memories
This chapter is based on a memorandum written by Ted Burren. Ted was a master craftsman carpenter who worked for J J Clayton during and after the war. His memorandum covers his time as a young man during the war when he was first a sea cadet and then later in the Observer Corp.


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