Lyminge a History Part 4


Published in October 2013

Preface and Dedication–being the fourth volume in the series.

Chapter 14 – Machine Breakers of Lyminge
“The Autumn and Winter of 1830 saw some of the worst ever disturbances in rural England to become known as the ‘Swing Riots’.” Thus begins Jill Chambers fascinating account of the rise of the agriculture workers against the introduction of farm machinery which they saw as endangering their livelihoods. The chapter recalls the local men, their practices, trials and the outcome of the riots.
Chapter 15 – The Larger Mammals in and around Lyminge
Ed Allan presents his third and final part of his review of mammals that can be found in and around the Lyminge Area. From Foxes, Bats, Badgers, Otters, Deer and on to Wild Boar. Ed has packed an incredible amount of detail including photographs.
Chapter 16 – Lyminge Observer Corps Post
Here you will find Duncan Harrington has taken us into a brief foray into the history of the Royal Observer Corp and its Post in Lyminge. From its roots in WW1 through to its role during the ‘Cold War’ we learn about function and activities including the men of Lyminge who served and help defeat the bombers and flying bombs of the enemy.
Chapter 17 – Early Keyboard Instruments
An early account by Andrew Garrett of Key Board Instruments the renown musical instrument makes of North Lyminge covering the period 1963 to 1967.
Chapter 18 – Sibton in the parish of Lyminge and the Sawkins Family Part 1
Duncan Harrington’s account of the Sawkins Family and their descendents in Lyminge during the 16th and 17th century.
Chapter 19 – Bedingfield Charity some further notes
Following on from chapter 7 published in Volume 2 of this series we have here further details from Duncan of the activities of the Bedingfield Charity Trustees and how it helped finance the running of John Valder’s school in Lyminge and the account he gave to the Commissioners for the Education of the Poor in the early 19th century.
Chapter 20 – Excavating Anglo Saxon Lyminge
This chapter offers and introduction to the phenomenally successful archaeological digs run by Dr Gabor Thomas and Dr Alexandra Knox from their initial digs 2007 to 2012. The chapter includes links to further reading on the topic.
Chapter 21 – Lyminge Park – Collections towards a history
Duncan has provided us with a collection of snippets from history about the manor of Lyminge Park, its early history and some later articles. The author also opens and appeal for further information so we can fill in the gaps and move towards a greater history of Lyminge Park.


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