Lyminge a History Part 2


Published in November 2011


Preface and Dedication being the second volume in the series

Chapter 5 -The Making of the Landscape around Lyminge
Philip Wilson an expert arborist takes us through the development of the trees which compliments Chapter one’s coverage of the geology. Philip also delivers two superb walks which when undertaken with his text gives great insight into the nature of trees and why they grow where they do.
Chapter 6 – The Discovery of a Jutish Cemetery in Lyminge in 1953
Taken from the notes and memories of Edney Eyres, Rosemary Piddock has put together the history of the Jutish Cemetery dig. Illustrated with both contemporary site pictures and recent photographs of the finds.
Chapter 7 – A Bell Ringer, the Jubilee Tree, Rogation and Lyminge Charities.
A collation of historical delights recording some of the personalities, activities and traditions of the parish. This time Duncan Harrington has drawn on his own in depth local knowledge and records from our archive.
Chapter 8 – Lyminge Fauna – parts 1 and 2
To fulfil our ambition of recording Lyminge and life in all its aspects we were very glad to receive this contribution for our local pest control expert Ed Allan. These chapters will be further expanded in future volumes describing the fauna native to Lyminge and its interaction with our society.


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